The Ultimate Sleepover Guide

Nervous about hosting your own sleepover? Fear not – we’ve created the ultimate guide for the perfect sleepover, which will be the talk of the WhatsApp group for weeks.

Set the Scene:

Get all the blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, air beds, pillows ready and turn your floor into the ultimate sleeping area. Perfect for all-night gossiping and comfort throughout the night (no matter where you sit!). Also, click here to see some really cute glitter balloons and instructions on how to make them.

Fashion Sleep-ment

The dress code has to be PJ’s and dressing gowns – you’ve got to think about the cute selfies after all! If you want to go one step further, matching PJ’s are even better…

Games Night

Games are endless fun for everyone to get involved in! From ‘Celebrity Heads’ to ‘Never Have I Ever…’. Most games need little to no prep beforehand. ‘Dare Dice’ is one of our favourites. Find a box (or a hat) and fill it with pieces of paper with fun challenges on it like; ‘Sing a Taylor Swift song’ or ‘Dance like Beyonce.’ Make sure you provide hair brushes as microphones.

Mid-night Snacks

Sleepovers are the only time you can get away with eating unhealthy snacks all night. With your endless selection of chocolate, sweets, pizza, crisps, why not try and make some Pink Lemonade to go with it? Just mix Cranberry Juice with Lemonade and decorate with strawberries, raspberries and mint leaves for a cute mocktail.

Mask Time!

Facemasks are the perfect pamper treatment for your sleepover and are fun, quick and help your skin at the same time. Our Anti-Blemish Mud Mask is made for skin suffering from excess oil, congested and blemish prone skin – perfect for post-sugary sleepover snacks. If you and your friends also suffer with blackheads, whiteheads and unhealthy looking skin, then why not try our Purifying Charcoal Mask? Or, hydrate your skin with our Mega Moisture Gel Mask to help nourish your skin and add some glow. With 10 face masks in each tube, there is plenty for everyone.

Chick Flick Marathons

Last, but definitely not least, get some Rom-Com / Chick-Flicks ready for a night of movie classics (we personally would recommend Clueless!).

But to be the Ultimate Sleepover Queen, all you need to do is HAVE FUN!


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