Top 3 benefits of peel-off face masks

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You’ve seen the videos on social media, celebrity posts championing them, and the products in-store at high street retailers – peel-off face masks are taking the beauty industry by storm.

From glittery masks to charcoal masks, you can now use a peel off face mask for basically any skin concern you may be struggling with.

But why are they so popular? We’ve listed the top 3 benefits of peel-off face masks and how they can help you.

De-clogs pores

As gross as this sounds, one of the benefits of a peel-off face mask is actually seeing what is being removed from your pores. Due to everyday life, toxins and debris can sink into pores and block skin; this, combined with excess oil, contributes to blackheads and whiteheads in your t-zone area. A peel-off face mask for blackheads can give instant results and provide solutions for the stubborn skin impurities which feel impossible to tackle.

Gets rid of that shine

Sometimes, just cleansing isn’t enough to remove that shine from your face, especially if your skin is particularly oily. Where the t-zone is concerned, a peel-off face mask can help to keep skin clear by tightening pores, as the face mask absorbs the excess oil from your skin – without drying it out.

Peels away impurities

Clean skin is happy skin, so purifying it by drawing out dead skin cells and impurities can help to give it the deep cleanse it deserves. A peel-off face mask is perfect for this, as it removes the top layer of dead skin, taking the dirt in clogged pores with it. It even removes the micro debris of dirt to really leave you with clean and healthy skin.

Our Black Peel Face Mask targets all these three benefits by using key ingredients such as Activated Charcoal, Witch Hazel and Allantoin to purify skin and draw out dead skin cells buried deep into your pores.

A perfect face mask for oily skin, give your face a deep cleanse and try our Black Peel Face Mask today.

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