Skincare Updates for 2018

Quite often the key to good skin is getting into a good routine & there’s no better time to make new habits than a New Year. This blog covers the basics for a good skincare routine so now there are no excuses!


The first step to a good routine is to properly clean your face. That means no going to sleep with make up on & if you have been wearing sunscreen or heavy makeup, making sure you cleanse not once but twice! Yes thats right, sometimes simply removing your makeup isn’t enough.

Having a proper clean is crucial as any leftover debris can block pores, irritate the skin  & create breakouts. To ensure the best deep clean, we recommend using a makeup remover or micellar water to remove initial make up & dirt. Then follow with a cream or gel cleanser, ensuring you really work it around the face & neck. Finally, wash off any product using a warm wet flannel. This helps shift any dead skin cells & bring us neatly on to our second step…


Exfoliation helps to remove any leftover debris, dead skin cells & aid circulation to the skin. Each of these will help to prevent dull looking skin & provide the best surface for moisturisers or treatments to really soak in.

There are also two types of exfoliation, one is using an acid product which essentially acts like pac-man on the skin to eat up anything your wouldn’t want. The second type is granular exfoliation which manually helps to slough away at the skin & remove debris. You do not need to exfoliate very day but at least twice a week is recommended. Our Exfoliating Mask is perfect for this as it contains both an acid exfoliator in the form of Glycolic Acid and it is a scrub to help manually exfoliate as well.



Depending on your skin type, most of us will need a specialist treatment product to help tackle a specific problem. For example if you have lack radiance then you may want a dose of Vitamin C to pep up dull skin or if you’re beginning to experience fine lines then you may want a Collagen Lift.

Whatever your skin concern, straight after exfoliation is the time to apply your chosen treatment product. Your skin is clean, fresh & primed to receive any added goodness!


The final step of your routine! Most skins are dehydrated or dry and nothing can make it look & feel as good as when you give it a good drink.

We recommend applying moisturiser daily, even if you have an oily skin type as you may still have dehydrated skin and this will exacerbate the look of any fine lines or wrinkles. The key is to getting the right type of daily moisturiser for your skin.

If you experience very dry skin, have had a late night & need some post-party skin help or simply feel like you need to give your skin some TLC then try our Mega Moisture Mask which is packed with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E to drench skin with goodness.


And there you have it, our four key parts to a great skin care routine! What are you other 2018 resolutions?

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