Introducing our NEW Black Peel Mask

You’ve seen the videos – Black Peel masks are everywhere but we have a sneaky suspicion you’ll fall for ours.

Why should you use a Black Peel Face Mask?

Developed as a fun & efficient way to remove impurities in the skin, our Black Peel Mask is packed with activated charcoal to help alleviate blocked pores caused by excess oil, grime & dirt. It also includes Witch Hazel to help soothe the skin, while Allantoin helps to smooth the skins texture. Our formula has also been designed to peel off with ease!

How To Use The Black Peel Mask

The product should be generously smoothed on with fingertips to create an even layer and left for 15 minutes to get to work. Be careful to avoid delicate areas such as around the eye or areas with hair (beards and eyebrows for example!) Then gently pick at the edge of the mask and peel off!



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  1. I just bought this mask and love it! I have used it twice in the same week though and am wondering now if there is a recommended amount of times this mask should be used (or if there is a risk in overusing it!). How many times a month should I be using this?

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