Introducing Multi-Masking!

We’re very proud to offer such a wide selection of face masks. Going back a few years, you simply had the choice of flooding skin with moisture or using a clay all over but for many of us with a combination of different skin types & skin care concerns, there is no such thing as a one solution fixes all. This is how the most googled beauty trend of 2017 came about – masking. Or more specifically multi-masking!

What is multi-masking?

Multi-masking is a new trend that simply means using more than one mask on your face. And why not? Rather than take the approach of a using one mask to fix-it-all, use the opportunity to create a more bespoke facial skincare experience. Use are a targeted treatment for different skin concerns and different areas of our face to maximise results.

What combination of masks would work for multi-masking?

This really comes down to your individual skin type. There are lots of face mask combinations that can be created to help reveal your best skin. We would always recommend spending some time to build your own multi-mask dream team but here are some suggestions below based on common skin worries:

Oily T-Zone & a lack of radiance?

This is easy. Simply use one of our charcoal based masks (either our Black Peel Mask or Purifying Charcoal Mask) on the areas that are oily & apply our Collagen Lift face mask to the cheeks. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off. Then just before bed apply our Overnight Vitamin C Miracle Mask for the ultimate glow boost!

Dry but sensitive skin.

If you experience sensitive skin then it’s really important to test a product first. Use a small amount of our Calming Clay on a patch of your cheek to check that the formulation is right for you, then expand to the rest of your cheeks to help soothe and calm skin. On areas which are less prone to redness, such as the chin, forehead & temples use our Mega Moisture Gel Mask. This will give thirsty skin the dose of Hyaluronic Acid it needs to look radiant & feel great.

Congested skin & blackheads on the nose. 

To help congested skin, apply a generous layer of our Exfoliating Scrub Mask everywhere except the bridge of your nose. Our scrub mask will help to draw out impurities using Pink Rose Clay and help shift dead skin cells with Glycolic Acid to prevent blocked pores. For the more stubborn area of the nose, use our NEW Black Peel Mask to gently lift away dirt & grime.

If you have any tips around multi-masking or have a favourite mask combination, let us know in the comments below!

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