Benefits of Clay in Skincare

Clay is an extremely popular and powerful cosmetic ingredient within the beauty industry, becoming a leading component in products to help improve skin impurities. This could be in the form of soaps, facials, scrubs and more.

If you suffer with skin sensitivity, rashes, redness, irritation, acne or oily skin; cosmetic clay is a perfect ingredient as it absorbs excess oils and helps to rejuvenate skin softly, but effectively. When used within a facemask, it also helps to draw out blackheads and de-clog skin, giving a deep-clean.

We’ve collated a list of how clay works within skincare and why it’s beneficial for sensitive, irritated and clogged skin.

True Identity

As with many beauty products, cosmetic clay has more than one identity and will most likely be referred to as this on ingredients list. For clay, this is Kaolin. Kaolin clay is a type of soft white cosmetic clay and is named after the Kao-ling mountain in China, where the clay was mined for centuries.

Problem Solver

Clay is used within beauty products to help clean, exfoliate and remove debris and skin cells from the surface of the face – without drying out the skin. Combined with other essential products, the clay helps to absorb excess oil in the skin and to unclog pores, to give your skin a deep cleanse.

Acne Attacker

Excess oil within the skin and clogged pores can be a breeding ground for skin redness and acne. Clay in face masks help to cleanse the dead skin cells away and removes any excess oil from the skin, but still leave it feeling hydrated. With the anti-inflammatory ingredients within the clay, it helps to reduce any acne inflammation to help soothe irritated skin.

Gentle Worker

Even though clay is strong in terms of exfoliation and helping to unclog pores, it is actually a gentle ingredient to use on skin. This is why it is recommended for users who suffer with sensitive skin, even if they are sensitive to alternative cleansers and scrubs.

Sensitive Skin

If you find physical scrubs and traditional masks too harsh on your skin, then clay can help you. It will satisfy all your exfoliating needs without causing irritation and redness, but still effective in helping give your skin the TLC it deserves. Our Calming Clay Mask was designed to help sensitive skin prone to redness. Combined with Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and Rose Extract, clay helps to create a mask which will help fight tough skin impurities, without causing irritation with your skin.

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