7 ways to maximise your face mask application

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Applying a face mask might sound like a simple task, but there are a few things you can do to prepare your skin first.

We’ve covered 7 of our favourite tips below…

1. Open pores before applying a face mask

Steaming the face before applying your favourite face mask will help to open the pores. The easiest way to do this is jumping into the shower first.

Not only does this make the skin more reactive to the beneficial ingredients included within your chosen face mask, it also softens the dirt beneath the surface – allowing you to remove deep-dwelling grime!

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate first

Before popping your favourite mask on, you should also buff away any dead skin cells with a good face scrub.

This step will prepare those open pores for a deep cleanse, allowing you to get the mask out of your mask!

3. Multi-mask to target specific areas of the face

Long gone are the days of using just one face mask – these days we’re reaching for 2-3 masks at a time to target individual concerns across our face.

For optimum results, apply a moisture-boosting mask to the cheeks, a detoxing mask to the t-zone and a mask for sensitive skin to the under-eyes.

Want to learn more about multi-masking? Read our handy guide today.

4. To remove your mask, hold a hot flannel on the face for a few seconds before swiping product away

If you’re applying a mask which requires a ‘wash off’ removal, hold a hot flannel on the face (for a few seconds) before wiping product away.

This gentle technique means that less ‘elbow grease’ is required and skin will be less prone to sensitivity post-application.

5. Don’t leave your face mask on for TOO long

Did you know, leaving your face mask on for longer than the recommended time can have a negative impact upon the skin?

This is because masks often feature drying ingredients like clay, which can cause the skin to flake and become more susceptible to damage when left on for too long.

6. Apply a delicate eye gel/cream before using a face mask

The skin beneath the eyes is the most fragile and thin area of the face.

Dabbing a pea-sized amount of a delicate eye cream under the eyes before applying a face mask will help to protect them against any added sensitivity and prevent dehydration.

7. Moisturise to complete your regime

As many masks are designed to banish excess oils, it’s important to rehydrate once they have been removed.

Pop on a layer of your favourite day or night cream after masking for the ultimate smooth and hydrated finish!

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