5 Top Tips for Congested Skin

Sick of squeezing, scrubbing and buffing your skin to try and stop skin becoming clogged, but still suffer from blackheads and breakouts?

You’re not alone! Check out our 5 top-tips for some at-home treatments which can help you tackle the battle of congested skin.

ALWAYS use a clean flannel

It may seem excessive, but you should always try to use a clean flannel / wash cloth for every single use. Leaving them damp throughout the day or night makes them a hub for collecting bacteria and mould, slightly defeating the object of helping you cleanse your face. It may actually cause more problems as you’ll be introducing new bacteria and germs to your skin!

Powder your nose

Does thick, oily liquid foundation struggle to stay on your face for the day? Especially around your nose? Then investigate trying a matte or powder foundation – or both! You can also find oil-free liquid foundation to help reduce shine and pores absorbing the foundation. Using a powder or using powder over the top of an oil-free foundation will do the trick as well.

The power of steam

It may seem slightly medieval, but there are great skincare benefits to steaming your face. Steaming your face is basically a bath for your face, as the steam cleanses pores by causing you to sweat, opening the pores and pushing any dirt and debris out. All you need to do is boil some water and place it into a bowl safely. Then, drape a towel over your head creating a tent over you and the bowl of water. Stay over the steam for roughly 15 minutes, then step away from the bowl and wash your face with your cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water. Lastly, pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

*If at ANY time you feel the steam is too hot on your skin or your feel uncomfortable, move further away from the steam and water. If you’re under 18, make sure you have an adult present to ensure it’s done safely*

Eat your greens

We know – you’ve heard this a hundred times. But (annoyingly) it does actually help. A well-balanced diet really does have an impact on your complexion. Leafy, dark and luscious greens and tropical fruits (mango, kiwi) are rich in Vitamin C, A, E which healthy skin LOVES. Nutrition filled with Zinc & Biotin helps to reduce oil production and inflammation, whilst Vitamin E is amazing for skin repair. So there really is method behind the madness!

Use a clay-based face mask

Green Clay & Kaolin is used in skincare products to help draw out impurities – without drying out the skin! So using a face mask to help clear skin without damaging it further is crucial. Our Anti-Blemish Mud Mask uses a combination of key ingredients such as Superfruit Blueberry, Willow Bark and Green Clay to decongest skin and to clear pores. This will give your skin the quick fix it needs to clear breakouts and blemishes by revitalising skin, reducing excess oil and congested skin.

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